Blackout blinds

In summary

Blackout blinds are ideally suited for specific applications. The cassette system means versatility in how they are installed and, when combined with our other features, they provide a virtually light-free environment.

Why choose blackout blinds

Some applications need light ingress reducing to virtually nil, these are typically educational institutions, boardrooms and some accommodation where a high level of light exclusion is mandatory. Blackout blinds allow the rooms to which they are fitted to provide maximum versatility.

Benefits of blackout blinds

Our blackout blinds offer a versatile solution to any blackout requirement. When almost total light exclusion is required, the cassetted blackout roller blind is the ideal solution. They can be installed vertically or at an angle, made possible by the self-contained cassette system. When used with our zip fabric retention side channels, the cassetted blackout blind is a highly versatile product.

Blackout blinds can be operated with a variety of control systems ranging from cord, spring, chain and crank to electric motors, to give the optimum performance in any given circumstance.