Why we're different

We won't let you down

Read our testimonials, or case studies, and discover how we can solve your blinds and solar shading needs. Our teams have decades of experience in blinds and maintenance, our company leads on accountability and transparency, and we set best practices with intelligent solutions that meet your needs rather than ours.

Your blinds and solar shading solutions are integral to the health and wellbeing of your staff and visitors. They protect your interiors and your investment from heat and ultraviolet damage. And they can be critical to the efficient operation of heating and cooling systems, affecting energy consumption. Well-chosen, well-maintained blinds experience fewer failures, operate more efficiently, and require fewer replacements.

Every customer has a unique set of requirements and challenges, to which we must find the best solution. We are problem solvers, first and foremost, and will explore every option and combination to meet your blinds and solar shading needs. We're not tied to any manufacturer, importer, or supplier, so we can develop independent solutions to your needs from everything the market has to offer.

We believe that the best results are achieved through complete transparency and accountability. We provide you with helpful and informative reporting, for you to manage your assets with ease, and four tiers of service level agreement (SLA) to choose from, for installations of any size.

Our SLAs include guaranteed response times, maintenance and cleaning schedules. Our Platinum level for critical blind and solar shade installation is our most comprehensive package covering all costs [except major cleaning, controllers and MEWPS] and provides a market-leading response time for call-outs and reporting, including a 4-hour emergency call-out service available across the top three tiers of Platinum, Silver and Gold.

Our specialist teams will audit your existing blinds, shades and shutters - and provide you with a detailed breakdown of problems, improvements and recommendations. We can provide high-level adjustment of mechanised and electronic units to preempt problems and reduce call-outs.

Do something different with your blinds and solar shading - whatever the scale, mechanised or manual - and let Labetts take care of it. We deliver peace of mind for critical applications, enhanced asset management and creative solutions to complex solar shading needs.

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