Shading Control Maintenance

Benefits of maintaining your shading controls

Reduce Costs 
Automatically open your blinds at times when glare is not going to cause an issue to reduce heating and lighting costs.

Reduce air-con load 
In summer open your blinds overnight to assist natural cooling, and drop them on East facing elevations in the morning to prevent early heat gains and reduce air-conditioning load.

Daylight Optimisation
Interface with lighting controls to ensure daylight is optimised before switching on lights.

Proactive maintenance
Labetts combined visit strategy of blinds and controls engineers provides a platform for problem resolution, not passing off responsibility for issues

Shading systems are key to building energy efficiency

Motorised Blinds can be operated in a number of ways, from simple wall switches or radio remote controls to fully automated systems interfaced with other controls. By interfacing blinds with other building controls such as lighting, heating, and air conditioning, shading systems can become dynamic. Dynamic shading can have a big impact on building sustainability and carbon footprint, through optimising solar energy.

Why maintain shading controls

Automation systems that monitor and react to the internal temperature, the sun's position and LUX levels, makes for optimum control of Shading Systems. This allows natural light to be utilised to save on electricity for lighting. In the summer shading systems can automatically trigger blinds to drop to reduce heat gain and unnecessary use of aircon systems.

Conversely in winter, the sun's solar energy can be harnessed to reduce heating requirements. There are also options for timed operation of all blinds for security at night and to retain heat within the building.

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