Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are highly versatile, aesthetically pleasing, virtually maintenance-free and can span large widths, making them an ideal choice commercial office spaces.

Why choose roller blinds

If you are looking for an all-round solid performing shading solution, roller blinds fit the bill perfectly.

They are the most widely specified and most commonly used type of blind in student accommodation, residential developments, offices and educational institutions. Their simple design and ease of maintenance make them an ideal choice when specifying a shading solution that needs to be as close to 'fit and forget' as possible. And, because roller blinds can be drawn down to any position when in use, they are able to provide both shade from the glare of the sun and still allow a view of the outside.

Infinitely adjustable, they really do provide an ideal shading option for most applications. Another advantage of the roller blind is its versatility of operation. Options range from chain, with the unique chain safety device, to crank, spring or electric motor. Electric systems can be battery operated and have a huge range of control systems available.

Benefits of roller blinds

  • Roller blinds can provide full or partial shading, or they can be used with a blackout fabric to create a “dim-out” blind.
  • When seeking a truly versatile shading solution roller blinds offer a high degree of versatility, shading windows that are both wide and require a long depth, or drop, and they are also capable of being fitted to windows with small apertures or shallow recesses.
  • If you are seeking to make the blinds work within an interior design scheme roller blinds have a wide range of fabrics available. The fabrics can also have insulating properties, providing optimum thermal characteristics with aesthetic appeal. The thermal properties of the fabric can help to control the internal environment and provide a significant amount of temperature control.
  • Roller blinds are very durable. Their simple construction makes them difficult to damage and very robust when used in busy environments, an important criteria in environments where young children are likely to be present.
  • Roller blinds are the most child safe blind available, making them an ideal choice for locations where this is a priority.
  • Our roller blind range offers widths from 300mm to 7000mm.

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