Protecting Your Investment

Blinds Maintenance at it's Best

Blinds and solar shading say a lot about a place. They are used to great effect in large communal spaces providing large blocks of colour or branding over glass or wherever solar shading is needed. 

But when they stop working and aren't promptly fixed or replaced, they're advertising a message of neglect and lending an air of stagnation. Worse yet -  they're not fulfilling their main function of controlling light and heat transmission, leading to deterioration in working conditions, prematurely expiring warranties, and damage to interiors, fixtures and fittings.

Long-term lack of maintenance risks more serious problems with a strong disincentive to effect repairs or replacements as costs escalate. But risks and liabilities also escalate with only superficial cleaning or continued neglect.

At Labetts we pride ourselves on finding precise solutions to these and other problems optimised for your benefit. However you choose to look after them, protecting your investment through regular inspection, maintenance and reporting means you can reap savings on replacements, improve safety and wellbeing, and benefit from detailed asset management and maintenance reports.

Our site survey and audit will reveal any safety issues, and you'll receive a detailed report recommending an optimal course of action if one is needed. Our team will look carefully at each installation, matching warranties to their warranty requirements, something that's especially important for automated and electrical units.

We offer you the choice of proactive or reactive maintenance of your curtains and blinds, optimised to your needs and the scale of your installation.

Your blinds, curtains, shutters and other solar shading solutions are there to protect your property and public perception. Protect this investment with Labetts, and an optimised solution tailored to your needs. Transparent and accountable, your investment is safe in our hands.

Choose from one of four service levels for any configurations of blinds or  solar shading.

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