Blind and maintenance videos

Watch our video series that answers some of the key questions surrounding commercial blinds and maintenance.

Have you ever questioned who takes care of your blinds?

It’s a sad fact, but often the reason blinds get left and fall into disrepair is simply because nobody knows who to turn to. Thankfully, with +95% customer satisfaction and one the most comprehensive 48-hour blind reporting systems on the market, there is only one name you need to remember, Labetts.

Would you benefit from a Blind Maintenance company that can work with any blind system?

Regardless of your blinds system, your building, or the maintenance contract you currently have, Labetts are fully capable of managing your needs. We support every blind system on the market, however bespoke, so don’t feel obliged to stick with ‘mediocre’ when you could be getting the most of Labetts.

Are you putting up with inferior service just because you’re in a maintenance contract?

Being in a maintenance contract doesn’t mean having to tolerate poor service, bad (or no) reporting, or a lack of support. At Labetts we record our customer satisfaction every week and we’re proud that it consistently runs at over 95%. So don’t feel obliged to put up with less-than-great service, change is as simple as a phone call.

Do you know why so many of our customers refer us?

We’re not shy to say that a large number of our clients come from customer referrals. Clients are confident in recommending Labetts because we focus on guaranteed service levels, product support across any blind system and a reporting system that leaves the competition in the dark. 

Are you concerned with the first impression your building has on clients or customers?

Your business premises, both external and internal leave an immediate and long-lasting impression on clients, employees and the public. Damaged, missing or faulty blinds not only look unprofessional but can have serious consequences to your brand integrity, winning new clients and keeping staff.

Are you concerned with maximising energy efficiency in your building?

One of the most effective (yet often overlooked) ways to control both heat and light in a large building is through well-managed blinds. Having an optimised blind system in place has proven energy cost savings helping your business to reduce increasing utility costs, whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

Given the competitive employee market, is increasing staff retention a priority for you?

In the flurry of everyday business, it’s easy to overlook the effect poorly managed blinds have on your employees. Broken or faulty blinds cause stress, and discomfort and give the impression that you just don’t care about the environment your employees work in, these conditions contribute to staff discontent.

Is knowing that every employee has the optimal working environment important to you?

You’ve invested a lot in your business, and a lot in your team so it’s essential they have the best working conditions. Managing and optimising existing blind systems is where we shine, ensuring every space in your building benefits from the best lighting conditions and maximum comfort.

Do you take the responsibility of reporting back to your customers seriously?

We appreciate the responsibility of managing a building and the importance of answering to a client. As part of our support, we provide a summary report within 48 hours of a site visit. Clients on a Silver, Gold or Platinum maintenance package benefit from a more detailed blind-by-blind report.

Would you prefer to have your blinds managed proactively to maximise cost-effectiveness?

At Labetts we specialist in managing blind systems, we manage some of the biggest buildings in London and take complete responsibility at every level. We’re not here to sell you new products, we’re here to manage your system, it’s better for your business, your employees and your bank balance.

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