Labetts curtains provide privacy, blackout, acoustic control, internal aesthetics and much more.

Why choose curtains

The Labetts range of curtains covers the whole spectrum of curtains for accommodation. From student accommodation, military developments, housing associations, care homes to high end hotels and stage curtains, 

Curtains are an almost infinitely adaptable solution to shading, allowing for a huge range of styles and fabrics that can be used to create any aesthetic required. Added to this is a vast range of accessories and fittings to suit. They can be fitted to a wide variety of tracking systems and this means they are adaptable to almost any location, allowing for a satisfactory solution to be found for even the most demanding requirement.

Benefits of curtains

  • As with all other products that we supply and install, the C800-850 range is marked by our standard features of child safety and excellence in manufacture using machine or hand stitching, and with the option of being weighted and lined.
  • The options and variations are almost limitless with our curtain range.
  • Curtains are aesthetically pleasing, robust in use and provide excellent blackout performance.

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