Blind Automation

Benefits of blind automation

Reduce Energy Consumption 
Allows optimisation of heat and light to reduce energy consumption on lighting and heating/cooling.

More Control 
Uniform control of the blinds over the whole building with feedback on status.

Local Control 
Options for a local override in specific areas, such as meeting rooms and executive offices. 

Commercial electric blind systems

Commercial electric blind systems that interact with the environment they are installed into make for very effective control of heat and light. When fully integrated into a BMS the Shading System can play a big part in neutralising the carbon footprint of the building.

Why choose blind automation

Shading control systems need regular maintenance and updates to check for issues on the system and make sure they are running the latest and most secure software versions.

As the landscape or cityscape around your building changes your pre-existing settings may need adjusting.

Labetts can help you optimise your Shading System Controls.

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