Rooflight blinds

Having virtually no limitations on size or shape, the Labetts Rooflight range is suitable for any roof shading requirement.

Why choose rooflight blinds

Due to modern architecture using large areas of glazing, rooflight blinds have evolved to suit modern design requirements.

From extensive atria, sloping façades, and curved elevations to inaccessible lightwells and rooflights, the Panther RL range can filter, shade and completely block solar gain. Consequently, these blinds can be found installed in airports, shopping centres, schools, hospitals and many other areas.

With the majority of systems using electric motor control, the range has options on a crank, chain, and cord operation. Plus with the options working with fixed metal slats, trevira and metallised or traditional screen fabrics, there is an option available to meet every design requirement – functional or aesthetic.

Due to the many variables and technical nature of rooflight blinds, we strongly recommend speaking to our technical sales team for expert advice before specifying or ordering. 

Benefits of rooflight blinds

  • Often designed into a building’s roof space or façade, the Labetts RL range is fully capable of being adapted to suit bespoke requirements and non-standard window arrangements.

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