Blinds For Residential Accommodation

In summary

A large expanse of glass looks amazing, it provides wide open vistas from within but it does require an effective shading solution to make the space inside comfortable. We provide effective, technical shading solutions that are fully compliant with all safety standards.

The challenge faced in residential developments

If you are designing or specifying a building that follows current trends for large areas of external glazing, then you will need a method of controlling the ingress of light to provide a pleasant environment inside. The heating effect of sunlight entering a building through glazing not only causes glare and reflections internally, the heating effect of light will also have a bearing on the comfort within the building.

The answer

Effective shading can be provided by blinds and we have a fantastic range of heat reflective fabrics to decrease the amount of heat which enters into the building, reflectance values of up to 80% are achievable. All of our fabrics are fire retardant ensuring that any blinds or curtains we provide comply with the necessary fire regulations for each building.

Additionally, in high rise buildings there is an increasing use of restricted inward opening windows – these create a narrow gap between the window frame and the head of the reveal. Our low profile blind and track solutions counter this problem, providing a child safe solution to any requirement.

Common problems and special considerations

With all types of blind, where children may be present, child safety must be addressed, it is essential to prevent accidental strangulation on any blind cords or chains used. We specialise in delivering blinds and shading solutions that are in compliance with the BS EN 13120 Child Safety Legislation, we provide a host of child safe solutions including our unique chain safety device.

Residential landlords

Landlords have a duty of care to their tenants, including keeping their rented properties safe and free from health hazards.

Landlords therefore have a responsibility to ensure blinds installed in their properties containing cords or chains (which may be hazardous) are safe. If the blinds cannot be made safe by the addition of a compliant safety device(s) they should be replaced. Blinds installed by the landlord or his agent after February 2014 must be compliant with BS EN 13120:2009+A1:2014. Blinds installed by the tenant should be checked to ensure they are compliant as part of the landlord/agent inspections. Compliance is required irrespective of the age of the tenants. This advice covers all residential environments and will include (but is not exclusive to) homes, holiday homes, mobile homes, caravans and boat