Blinds For student Accommodation

In summary

Student accommodation has to be a combination of a home, a study, durable, aesthetically pleasing and low maintenance. Our blind and curtain range satisfies all of the requirements to make your student accommodation effective, efficient and attractive.

The challenge faced in student accommodation

If you are designing, developing or maintaining accommodation for students it is as important to manage the light ingress into the accommodation as it is to meet the aesthetic criteria of the building, after all this is a home from home for most students. You need your blinds or curtains to be visually pleasing as well as functional and robust.

The answer

In many instances dual blinds are required, to give both shading and blackout. We have a huge range of fabrics which match fantastically, to give complementary solutions where two fabrics need to work together. Included in our fabric stock is a large range of textured blackout fabrics, and high performance screen fabrics.

With the use of blind and curtain systems in student accommodation often being energetic and vigorous, blinds definitely need to be highly robust and virtually maintenance free. Our products focus on being simple yet effective in order to minimise any possible damage to the blinds whilst ensuring they are a “fit and forget” shading solution. A key benefit we offer is our unique chain safety device. (hyperlink) - chain operation is the preferred option in many instances due to ease of use and cost considerations. Our unique chain safety device (hyperlink) stands apart as a solution which provides strangulation protection whilst not being easily broken by accident. Even when the mechanism detaches as it is designed to do, it is simple and easily to re-connect.

Student Accommodation Landlords

All landlords have a duty of care to their tenants, including keeping their rented properties safe and free from health hazards.

Landlords therefore have a responsibility to ensure blinds installed in their properties containing cords or chains (which may be hazardous) are safe. If the blinds cannot be made safe by the addition of a compliant safety device(s) they should be replaced. Blinds installed by the landlord or his agent after February 2014 must be compliant with BS EN 13120:2009+A1:2014. Blinds installed by the tenant should be checked to ensure they are compliant as part of the landlord/agent inspections. Compliance is required irrespective of the age of the tenants. This advice covers all residential environments and will include (but is not exclusive to) homes, holiday homes, mobile homes, caravans and boats.