Office Blinds And Shading

In summary

An effective shading solution can improve the performance of a workspace, allowing the maximum amount of daylight to enter without causing glare or undue heating, and maintaining a view of the outside.

The challenge faced in office environments

Their environment plays a large part in the productivity of any workforce, controlling the light levels in your office through effective shading will contribute to delivering the optimum place in which to work. Glare from bright sunlight can adversely effect peoples' performance. This becomes an increasingly important issue as building design incorporates ever larger glazed areas where designers are seeking to maximise natural light without allowing undue glare or heat to enter the building.

The answer

Blinds that reduce glare and heat, whilst maintaining a view of the outside world improve the health and well-being of staff as well as reducing energy costs. They also improve the environmental performance and the visual appeal of the building. We help architects and building designers to utilise shading options, such as blinds, to create stunning internal aesthetics whilst reduce light and heat ingress onto workspaces.

If you are looking for a shading solution we have a fantastic range of heat reflective fabrics that reduce the amount of heat entering into a workspace. Reflectance values of up to 80% are achievable. We work with fire retardant fabrics to ensure any blinds or curtains comply with the necessary fire regulations for each building. In line with the demand for aesthetically pleasing and visually consistent solutions, curtains in a consistent wave format are increasingly popular to all areas of office glazing, including external windows and internal screens.

Curtains are also becoming increasingly popular in commercial buildings for use in boardrooms, executive suites and as room dividers, creating a soft touch to any interior and improving acoustics.