5 reasons workplace blinds maintenance is essential

Workplace blinds and blind maintenance aren't high on everyone's list of exciting topics it's true. But if you consider just how integral they can be to safety, comfort, sustainability, morale and public perception, perhaps you will see why it's important to maintain your workplace blinds with a regular maintenance and inspection regime.

  1. Well maintained workplace blinds,  ensure your HVAC systems are not working against the weather, but with it. Broken or malfunctioning blinds will compromise the ability of your building management system to react appropriately to environmental changes. A blind repairs and maintenance schedule will help avoid malfunctions and failures altogether.
  2. Workplace comfort and safety depend on effective management of light and heat.  A regular maintenance schedule for workplace blinds guarantees all your blinds are functioning properly and consequently leads to fewer complaints or concerns about factors like glare, temperature and privacy.
  3. Workplace blinds maintenance is crucial for safety and compliance and verifies that your blinds are operating properly and most importantly, are securely positioned. Poorly maintained blinds, particularly when mounted at height, pose an unacceptable safety risk. Regular maintenance and inspection are essential to confirm blinds will not shed parts or fall from their mountings when operated.
  4. A regular blind maintenance schedule reduces total operational and ownership costs by identifying problems and issues before they compromise the functionality or safety of the blind in question.
  5. Broken blinds, especially in signature areas like atriums and halls, look symptomatic of neglect and carelessness, adversely affecting staff morale, and making a poor impression on visitors and passers-by. A regular blind maintenance programme keeps your workplace blinds working effectively and looking their best.

For these reasons, and more, Labetts offers a comprehensive workplace blind maintenance service. We have the widest range of parts and replacement units available, thanks to our position as the UK's leading supplier and installer of blinds for workplaces. We offer proactive and reactive maintenance programmes to make certain your blinds experience minimum downtime and a guaranteed 48 hour response time. A blind maintenance programme from Labetts can even assist with compliance and regulatory alignment where required. 

Don't leave the maintenance of your workplace blinds to chance.

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Published by Doug Beesley April 11, 2022