Are you fed up with failing blind parts?

Are you fed up with failing blind parts and the downtime and costs associated?

Enter Labetts. 

A central London venue took out a maintenance contract with us to optimise their 236No. internal blinds and controls. Our specialist technicians visit every six months to check, run, test, tweak, repair, report and advise on every blind & its controls. 



  • Reactive callouts reduced to zero.
  • Less than 1% annual failure rate - only 2 motors have needed to be replaced in 5 years!

Yet another example of how Labetts save their clients time and money.

Intrigued? Send us a quick email with approximate quantity and type of your blinds, and any photos you have - we will come back to you within 48 hours with a budget price. “Guaranteed Working Blinds” may well not cost as much as you think!

Speak to one of our maintenance experts today to see how we can help you!

Published by Lucinda Taylor November 19, 2020