Stuck with a poor maintenance service due to a contract?

Being in a maintenance contract does not mean settling for mediocre service. From our experience, businesses tell us they often put up with poor service simply because they feel tied to an existing maintenance contract. Common complaints include;

  • Little or no communication with the customer
  • Lack of suitable blind reporting
  • The inability to work with different systems
  • Doing the bare minimum required

We understand that blind maintenance is often the unsung hero of the office and can be neglected or forgotten. However, professional, proactive blind maintenance can only have a positive effect on your building, your business and your staff. 

At Labetts our blind maintenance service is about more than just product; our knowledge of London’s blue-chip building infrastructure has led us to become one of the leading providers in the city.

Given the complexities of maintaining a modern building, we’ve developed an offering that eliminates stress and saves money.

  • People who know – Yes, we actually know the industry; we’ve worked in it and understand every aspect and challenge blinds can present. 
  • A second-to-none reporting system – We’re proud of our blind reporting system (which we turn around in just 48 hours)
  • Maintenance when you need it – We don’t believe in just selling you stuff; where possible we maintain, and only replace where necessary. 
  • We work with EVERY system – there’s no need to fear if we can manage your blind system; we manage ALL blind systems.

We’re confident in delivering you the very best service. Open the blinds on a new level of service. Speak to Labetts today about moving your blind maintenance to a company that cares (yes, really cares).

Published by Doug Beesley November 28, 2023