When should you choose automated blinds?

Automated blinds are an elegant solution to changing how sunlight and heat transmission affect workplace comfort, safety and ambience. Reasons for choosing an automated solution over a manually operated blind range from the simple to the complex, but the benefits are uniformly straightforward - blind automation gives you control.

Firstly, some blinds are simply inaccessible and manual operation would require working at height, or unreliable rod/pulley linkages that are prone to tangling and failure. Automated blinds allow you to control the precise configuration of the blinds from the safety of ground level. Sometimes blinds need to be raised and lowered many times a day, and this quickly becomes a laborious task, especially in a presentation room. Rather than leaving blinds down and relying on artificial light, automated blinds can be raised and lowered just as conveniently with the flick of a switch.

Large scale glass structures need to be fitted with large blinds in some circumstances, and while manually operating large blinds in most circumstances is possible, it can become a test of strength and agility. Automated blinds can be the only choice for the largest of blinds, using electric motors to smoothly operate the mechanisms to minimise wear, but even where manual operation is possible, blind automation is essential for accessibility.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of installing a blind automation solution is that motorised blinds can be fully integrated into a Building Management System (BMS), and made to work in collaboration with the heating and air- conditioning systems already in place. Blinds can then be controlled both automatically by the BMS as it monitors temperature and light levels throughout the building, or overridden centrally or directly when required. Sustainability means energy efficiency, and automation systems for shades and blinds can enable significant savings in energy consumption by helping you manage the admission and blocking of heat and light throughout the year. Through careful management, automated blinds can play an important role in neutralising the carbon footprint of your building.

Published by Doug Beesley April 27, 2022