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At Labetts we have a unique product range tailored to meet the needs of all accommodation projects. Our core business is in office, residential and student accommodation developments along with educational institutions.

Most of our work is with specifiers and main contractors, however we serve and have strong relationships with many leading private sector clients directly.

At Labetts we are passionate about products which work for those that use them: be that small profiles to fit in tight spaces, glare control, shading co-efficient, heat reduction, child safety, long guarantee’s or just stunning aesthetics and easy operation.

Whilst in many instances the straightforward solution can be the best, we relish a challenge and have successfully installed trapezoidal, semi-circular and triangular blinds together with blinds incredibly small and amazingly big.

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Residential Developments

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Student Accomodation

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Educational Institutions

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Download our free guide to child safe blinds

There is a legal requirement for the specification of child safe blinds, BS EN 13120 legislates that any new blind with a manual cord control installed in a building where a child between the age of 0-42 months old is likely to have access, then they must comply with child safety requirements within the standard.

Download our free guide to child safe blinds, and your legal obligations under this legislation.

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“The level of service provided by Labetts Blinds was not only professional and proactive at the tender stage but once awarded the contract they proved to be an outstanding contractor who delivered a superb quality of finish and attention to detail.
I would endeavour to use Labetts whenever possible on future projects”

Leighton Hill Laing O'Rourke