5 points that your blinds maintenance routine should include

Blind and curtain systems play a more significant role in the health and energy performance of a building than you may expect. Well-maintained blinds contribute to user comfort by managing heat build-up and control of glare, they also prevent energy loss and can help lower heating costs, and contribute a pleasing aesthetic to the built environment.

Regular, professional, blind maintenance is recommended for any workplace or building installation of blinds; it is vital to regularly check for signs of wear, corrosion or obstructions, and treat problems before they affect functionality and safety.

Your blind maintenance routine should cover the following points:

  1. Check mounts and fixtures are secure - This is especially important for large, high-level installations, even more so in public spaces, to ensure your blinds remain safe. Look for signs of wear and tear on key components and fixing points, and replace them as needed. Ensure the fittings are compliant with the applicable building regulations and codes.
  2. Complete full-cycle checks on motorised blinds - Listen for unusual sounds as this can often be the starting point for bigger problems. It is not always easy to know what you’re listening for but experienced installers will be able to help you assess your blinds and check for potential problems.
  3. Service mechanical blinds - For larger and more technical blinds, routine servicing, oiling and lubricating on pulley and tension systems ensures the prevention of more serious issues.
  4. Clear debris - For external blinds, it is essential to ensure they are clean and clear of debris to reduce the risk of blockages or fouling, which can easily damage your blinds if not promptly addressed. 
  5. Test sensors - If your blinds use controls, such as wind or light sensors, it is important to regularly check that all parts are communicating correctly to prevent sensor failure or unexpected operation. Line scans can be used to see if any adjustments to sensitivity are needed, or if a reset is required.

As you can see there is a great deal that goes into maintaining your blinds’ cost-efficient and safe operation, which is why Labetts offers a comprehensive blind maintenance service. As UK’s leading specialist for complete blinds maintenance, our teams of engineers and technical staff are on hand to provide you with the proactive or reactive maintenance programs best suited to your application.

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Published by Doug Beesley June 2, 2022