Have you ever wondered who takes care of your blinds?

In the frantic blur of everyday life, you’ll be forgiven for not knowing the answer. The reality is the complex structure of building maintenance with its myriad of departments and decision makers can quite often make it hard to know who’s responsible for what.

The outcome is that often nothing is done.

Broken or faulty blinds have a detrimental effect in many ways. Employees suffer but so do employers. From the outside, a building can look shabby or in disrepair putting off both clients and potential employees.

Internally, poorly maintained blinds have more serious consequences. Not being able to control light or heat will hamper the performance and well-being of your employees.

At Labetts we understand and work with, key stakeholders from Facility Directors to Site Managers. Our aim is to make commercial blind maintenance as effortless as possible.

With over 20 years servicing London’s most demanding buildings Labetts has developed a comprehensive but hassle-free offering through our popular maintenance packages and with a customer satisfaction rating of over 95% we’re confident we’re delivering excellent service.

What to expect from Labetts:

  • Onsite audits followed by a comprehensive ‘blind-by-blind’ report
  • A range of blind maintenance packages from Bronze to Platinum, ensuring premium care
  • A 4-hour emergency maintenance service (for top-tier customers)
  • Dedicated blind control specialists
  • An extensive range of blinds, louvres and associated shading solutions

Don’t settle for inadequate maintenance contracts, faulty blinds or unhappy employees. Labetts provides high-quality commercial blind maintenance across London, giving you a stress-free solution now and for the future.

Published by Doug Beesley November 23, 2023