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Bi-annual servicing of multi-tenanted commercial office

At Labetts, our blind maintenance experts were pleased to be chosen to carry out the biannual servicing of a Grade A multi-tenanted commercial office building's external Warema Venetian blinds and control system. 

We were contacted to carry out our specialist commercial blind maintenance service after the client had previously been with a different company that conducted low-level maintenance checks. 

The client instructing our specialists enabled us to provide effective and high-quality maintenance to all 381 external Venetian blinds and their Somfy control system. As a result, our service has ensured they operate at peak efficiency, reducing malfunction failures and the need for expensive replacements. 

This project imposed several challenges on the maintenance team, including the blinds being located at a high level. While this would have been easily overcome with the use of machinery, the car park is a busy area, in frequent usage by the building's tenants. This meant that in order to carry out our maintenance, our team had to work to a tight schedule and book sections of the car park each day to enable getting our machine in and accessing the blinds. Eventually, our engineers had to progress to weekend working when the car park was empty to overcome these difficulties.

Another difficulty presented to the team during the maintenance programme was that the building was multi-tenanted, meaning that waiting times for bookings with the FM team were often lengthy. To manoeuvre around this, the team had to plan accordingly and in advance to ensure the project could be carried out in a timely manner. 


The client was elated with the finished result and overall service delivered, issuing us with very positive feedback on our approach to the project and the professionalism of our engineering team, particularly in concern to the access issues and the outstanding result they achieved. 

After being very impressed with our team's exceptional service and outcome, the client has since committed to our planned preventative maintenance (PPM) program for the next 2.5 years. 


If you are interested in enquiring about our planned preventative maintenance for your commercial building's blinds, please don't hesitate to contact a specialist team member by filling in our online enquiry form, where you can book your on-site blind audit

Published by Doug Beesley July 20, 2023