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London Private School

Labetts is proud to have provided a large London private school with blinds and curtains necessary to optimise the learning environment for its students. 

Our team supplied and installed several shading types, including curtains and chain-operated blinds. Still, the most significant part of the project was the motorised roof light blinds installed in the atrium area. Located on the outskirts of London, this long-established private school features buildings from the Victorian era, which our team had to be incredibly attentive to when conducting our installations. 

The installation of rooflights required our team to measure bespoke angled and adjustable bracketry while fitting the blinds to the Victorian steel roof structure. The age and design of the building made this challenging, but by working in conjunction with the school, our team was able to complete this section of the medium-sized project. 

This project met the hurdle of the delayed arrival of materials, setting the team back on their initial schedule. Still, this delay catered for fitting the rooflight blinds during the school holidays, which allowed Labetts to work with the school to ensure minimal disturbance to the students.

In addition to the roof light around the orangery, Labetts also provided the building with blinds and curtains in multiple areas, including chain-operated blinds, pleat and wave curtains, and motorised and manual tracks. 

Since the project's conclusion one year ago, the Labetts team has maintained the 19 motorised roof light blinds and the 9 motorised blinds in the classroom to ensure they work optimally and enhance their locations. 


If you want to learn more about the products we provide and how they can enhance your location, get in touch and talk with a member of our team. 

Published by Doug Beesley September 28, 2023