The importance of cleaning blinds

You clean your windows regularly, but what about the blinds or shades that cover them? They need TLC, too. Whether they’re vinyl, wooden blinds, fabric, or aluminium types of blinds, window blinds are great at keeping a room cool, blocking out light, and providing privacy, but they’re also great at collecting dust, hair, and other dirt. If left, clumps of dirt, dust, grime and allergen build up will accumulate, which looks unsightly and could even trigger allergies in vulnerable workers.

Curtains, drapes, voiles and fabric blinds act as a filter to the air we breathe. Regular cleaning helps improve indoor air-quality and contribute to a healthier working environment.

External window blinds quickly weather and can ruin the overall look of your premises. We know that the appearance of your building is vitally important, because of this, we recommend cleaning your external blinds, as a way of maximising the aesthetic appeal. It is vital to make sure your external window blinds are kept clean for them to work properly.

As a business, first impressions count, and cleanliness is a very important part of maintaining a professional appearance. Regular blind cleaning solutions top to bottom can really help visitors form a fantastic first impression of your business and surroundings.

Cleaning blinds is considerably cheaper than replacing them with new. Many people are nervous about cleaning blinds in case they’re ruined in the process but, cleaning them regularly can keep them in tip-top condition throughout their lifetime and prevent you from having to replace them. Many businesses do not realise that blinds can be cleaned and many can be restored to their original condition

Here at Labetts, we understand how important it is to make sure that your office environment is clean, and that blinds, in particular, are often overlooked in the cleaning regime. Traditional methods such as dusting and tidying that conventional contract cleaners carry out is not enough. Not only can this harbour harmful bacteria but this can also look untidy and unprofessional. 

Without regular commercial blind cleaning, repair and maintenance and cleaning it is unlikely that you will get the best out of your blinds

Labetts are extremely passionate about providing you with everything you could possibly need to keep your blinds looking professional and functional too. From our expert blind cleaning services to repairs and maintenance, we’ve got you covered. Looking for blind cleaning in London? Labetts can help. The team can also offer in-depth advice and guidance too so that you are able to make the best informed decisions for you and your business in regards to blind maintenance.

Speak to one of our maintenance experts today to see how we can help you!

Published by Lucinda Taylor July 14, 2021