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Blinds planned preventative maintenance for a commercial office building

Our specialists at Labetts were proud to be once again involved in this significant commercial office project for a telecommunications and business applications agency after having worked with the client previously. 

The project involved carrying out our annual planned preventative maintenance (PPM) service on the already installed external Warema Venetian blinds, along with the control system and the upkeep of essential spares on-site​​. It was placed through the FM company, but we worked directly with both the FM company and their client. 

Our engineers were responsible for carrying out the maintenance of 395 external Venetian blinds, 19 motorised roof light blinds and seven motorised standard drop blinds, which included motor replacements and tensioning of side guides. 

During the project, our team of engineers were faced with several challenges, including awkward access to certain parts of the building, for example, the garden area on one side of the building and high blinds. We were able to quickly overcome these problems through the use of two machines to access difficult areas, including a boom lift and a scissor lift. However, due to the building still being used by the client, we had to take careful consideration when carrying out work and for this reason, we cordoned off work zones around the machinery. 


During the process, our installers were proactive and actively went above and beyond for the client, including suggesting other work to improve the building and optimise the blinds.

This regular PPM went ahead seamlessly, with a happy client and no issues. The client has since renewed PPM with us two times now. Each PPM has ensured the blinds are working efficiently, and we have had minimal callouts.

Conducting blind inspection, maintenance and reporting on a regular basis is essential for many reasons, from keeping costs low due to needing fewer replacements and reducing the likelihood of problems to ensuring efficient operation. Frequent blind maintenance can also improve safety and well-being. 


Our blinds maintenance programme provides our clients with peace of mind. At Labetts, we offer a ‘blind MOT’ through our bronze, silver, gold or platinum packages. Our experts have a wealth of collective expertise, having specialised in blinds for more than three decades and working with a wide pool of clients through their different needs.

If you are interested in our blind installation on your commercial building or maintaining your blinds, fill in our online enquiry form to book your on-site blind audit

Published by Doug Beesley April 27, 2023