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Labetts work with previous customer to ensure peak performance

Labetts are here to maintain and optimise all blinds, whether supplied and installed by us previously, or anyone else. This post shines the spotlight on one of our customers who have taken out an annual maintenance contract with us following on from our initial supply and install of blinds there. Our contract with them includes the following:

  • Ensure blinds are running up and down smoothly, free from obstruction with fabrics rolling up square.
  • Full Lubrication and servicing of moving parts.
  • Fixing testing to ensure integrity of fixings.
  • Ensure the integrity of all motor connections.
  • Service and ensure the control system is fully functional.
  • Cleaning of fabrics.

This ensures that all their blinds are kept in tip-top condition, with any issues identified and dealt with early avoiding costly replacements and ultimately ensuring peak performance.  

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Published by Lucinda Taylor October 12, 2020